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What are Nozzles

it is a product that lends itself well to many functions, today we want to talk to you about all those nozzles useful for the internal washing of the drain pipes.
Often this product is considered for the fields of agriculture, gardening and for vehicles.

We are here to present you an innovative product that without which all the black water drains in the house could not work.

High pressure exhaust pipe cleaning nozzles

It is a work tool which is connected to the high pressure pipe of the pump called canal jet, often comes with a round head and with rear holes and a rotating front one.

What does the nozzle do in the tube
Thanks to the water pushed at high pressure by powerful pumps, it walks in the tube pushed by the water jet, the same water thanks to the pressure cleans and removes limescale from the pipes.
This allows the sewer drain pipe not to clog, because the limestone decreases the diameter of the sink or toilet pipe.

High Pressure Nozzle